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Social networks

Social media is a great resource for businesses of all sizes looking to promote their brands online.
First angry question: communicate on which network and why? It does sound intuitive, just because your business has to be on social media doesn't mean it has to invest all networks.
It is therefore fundamental that you choose the right channels, adapted to your social communication.

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Why be present on social networks?

LDLA MEDIA brings you its know-how to identify the right social networks for your business, design your strategy, create your content as well as your advertising campaigns and support you in the process of deploying all these elements.

At LDLA MEDIA, we provide you with solid and lasting support thanks to our competent teams certified in the latest technologies and network uses. Our community managers create, deploy and moderate your content, animate your communities and produce effective reporting of actions and achievements.

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Our actions on Social Networks

Digital marketing strategy and social networks

Promotional marketing is the act of exerting digital influence on Internet users before getting them to interact (engage). If the mix consists of four Ps (product, price, place and promotion), in classic marketing, digital includes a fifth P, which has become the most important. POPULATION. Not only that of your community, but also all those who are likely to make purchasing decisions for your products and services.

Community management

For lack of time, or even of qualified people internally, many companies make the mistake of entrusting their Community Management to their communications department. However, if the profession is accessible, it is not as easy as it seems. The complexity is hidden in the invisible details that matter, and which, without detailed knowledge of the uses of different social networks, plague your communication and reduce its impact. That's why we only work with experts.

Creation of web and social content

With digital marketing, brands have become media in their own right. To animate their story telling, they must, therefore, produce more and more content, intended to feed the channels where they are present. LDLA Media has a specialized content writing department made up of dedicated professionals who are masters in their area of expertise, and will convey the passion that your brand is sure to drive.

Social advertising

Few people still do without advertising on social networks. It has, in fact, proven itself, both in terms of competitiveness and profitability. For many companies, a thick fog accompanies this type of campaign. How to run a campaign? How much to spend? What targets? On which networks?

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