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94% of French Internet users carry out their research on the Google search engine, which is the main gateway to their journey on the Internet. For a business, the challenge will be to be visible in the results of Google and other search engines on a keyword that the Internet user will type.
Improving this visibility in Google's search engine is defined by the term Natural Referencing or SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Our SEO agency and its SEO consultants aim to make you become LEADER in your industry on Google and other search engines by positioning you in the first positions of organic results pages on strategic keywords. Do not hesitate to contact our web agency to receive a free SEO quote.

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SEO audit

The SEO audit is the first step in your SEO strategy. We carry out a technical audit of your website and its positioning in Google on computer and mobile in order to determine the technical aspects to be optimized but also the structure of your pages, the internal mesh and your content, considered by Google as positioning factors. web. The SEO audit established by our web referencing agency therefore not only aims to index its website on Google effectively by improving your Google positions, but also to optimize the user experience of your website on mobile and computer in order to increase the conversion rate of visitors. Once the technical optimizations have been identified, our team of SEOs talks to your team of developers in order to easily implement them.

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Google is a jungle in which everyone wants to appear in 1st position on computer and mobile. Our SEO consultants support you and offer a SEO strategy tailored to your needs in order to define your objectives and how to achieve them. In order to reference your website and improve your Google visibility, we support you continuously through in-depth SEO analyzes, SEO audits of your website and your competitors, in order to develop your web positioning and make you become number one in organic results. In the aim to optimize your organic referencing, we therefore advise you to perform a referencing analysis before each action that you would like to implement on the internet.

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Local SEO

Local SEO is the perfect strategy so that your business, physical store, SME or VSE can be visible locally and reach your target as closely as possible through the optimization of your Google My Business page. Our SEO agency supports you in developing your local visibility on mobile and computer, at the level of your city or department, also thanks to SEO on Google Maps. Making your site known through local website referencing will guide the strategy led by our SEO agency towards improving your Google positions on key expressions relating to a specific geographical area, with a search volume sometimes lower than other expressions Google, but which will correspond to keywords searched by an audience close to your business and therefore more likely to convert on your website.

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