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Landing page

The landing page, also called the landing page or landing page, designates the page on which an Internet user arrives after clicking on a link (commercial link, email link, link linked to an advertising banner, etc.).

Landing page optimization is a cross-cutting issue in digital marketing because it concerns most digital marketing levers. This is a very important element of campaigns because it conditions the transformation of a simple clicker into a more or less qualified prospect or even into a customer.

Landing page optimization is sometimes overlooked or underestimated in the implementation of Internet marketing campaigns and this can sometimes severely penalize the performance of a campaign in the event of an excessive bounce rate or element hindering the conversion. The choice and optimization of landing pages are for example essential components of commercial link campaigns and more generally of lead generation campaigns based on content marketing strategies.

In large campaigns, the landing page should normally be systematically tested. Landing page optimization has almost become a discipline in its own right in digital marketing. In particular, it often uses A / B testing procedures or even multivariate tests.

An optimized landing page generally aims to effectively formulate the value proposition or the advantages of the offer promoted on the marketing channel that is the source of traffic, avoids offering exit links that risk distracting the Internet user from the objective and proposes most often a form allowing the conversion (purchase, subscription, collection of leads, ...).

It should be noted that CMS extensions / plugins and marketing automation platform modules specifically allow the creation and optimization of landing pages.

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