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Facebook Ads Experts

Grow your business with our Facebook Ads certified Facebook Marketing Partners experts.


What is Facebook Ads?

Facebook is the advertising agency of the largest social network in the world: Facebook.  With its 2.41 billion active users each month, including 40 million in France, Facebook is an excellent opportunity to develop your business.  Facebook Ads is therefore a very powerful tool since it can target all Facebook users, it is therefore one of the most powerful tools in terms of return on investment (ROI).  

Beyond the very high number of Facebook users, what makes the power of Facebook Ads is that this tool targets users by what they are and what they like as a type of content and not by what they search like on google ads. This method, associated with the very large database of the American digital giant therefore allows precise targeting of segments of people. The advertisements disseminated are intended to make them carry out Conversions.

Studies recently revealed that 1 in 5 minutes of mobile browsing is spent on Facebook. Understand that if you bet on Facebook Ads, you will easily reach your customers and prospects. It is indeed a powerful method to reach quickly thousands of Internet users but even if it may seem simple on the surface, the management of Facebook ads requires in-depth expertise and knowledge of this advertising tool.

LDLA MEDIA takes care of everything

By entrusting us with the task of producing your advertisements on Facebook, you are choosing to surround yourself with Experts in the field who will accompany you from A to Z.  

Indeed, our Facebook Experts will take care of:

  • define with you the budget to be allocated

  • set up the Facebook pixel on your website or via Google Tag Manager

  • define your goals on Facebook or Instagram

  • work on an advertising strategy that will allow you to have an optimal return on investment

  • define a persona (typical consumer profile)

  • create personalized content and copywriting for your business

  • set up and test advertising campaigns on Facebook

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